Shockwave Therapy - BC is a facility in the Guildford portion of north Surrey, British Columbia, Canada that was developed to provide the newest, most-up-to-date generation of true, focused, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) for medical conditions of the foot, and a wide-variety of other musculoskeletal complaints in other locations in the body.   

For example, ESWT can be used for many types of acute, subacute, and chronic conditions, primarily where connective tissues (like tendons and fascia) attach to bone. 

ESWT is frequently used on major joint regions, such as the elbow, the shoulder, and the knee.  It can also be used for urological conditions such as Peyronie's Disease. 

But our specialty is treating chronic heel pain and arch pain, including plantar fasciitis (a painful, strained arch), heel spurs on the bottom of the heel, heel spurs on the back of the heel, Achilles tendinitis, calcific tendinosis (pathological calcification within a tendon), enthesiopathies (inflammation and injury to tendons where they attach to bone), desmopathies (inflammation and injury to ligaments where they attach to bone) and poor bone healing (delayed unions). 

In fact, our commitment to the foot is so strong that we share a 3,800 square-foot facility with the Achilles Foot Health Centre, a unique, comprehensive foot health facility providing a wide variety of services. 

The Achilles Foot Health Centre offers:

  • General podiatric medical care for a wide variety of medical problems of the foot. 

  • Comprehensive surgical care of the foot.  (The Achilles Foot Health Centre has an on-site surgical centre.)

  • Biomechanics and Treadmill Gait Analysis.

  • Heel Pain Specialty Clinic.

  • Custom-made orthotic appliances.

  • Custom-made shoes, boots, and sandals.

  • Physiotherapy.

  • Imaging of the muscles, tendons, fascia, and other soft tissue structures of the foot with diagnostic ultrasound--a way to image these structures as they move, in real time, on a television-like screen). 

  • Imaging of the bones in the foot with fluoroscopy (a sort of X-ray that shows the bones as they move, in real time, on a television-like screen).

  • A Foot Pharmacy, offering retail foot-related medical products.

  • Diabetic care for the "at-risk" foot.

  • Vascular assessment for those with diminished circulation, (e.g., Doppler wave form studies, Ankle-Brachial Indices, Toe-Brachial Indices, Toe Pressures, Photoplethysmographic wave form analysis, Venous Reflux Testing, Venous Compression Testing).

  • A host of other foot-related services. 

What is the mission statement of Shockwave Therapy - BC?

Shockwave Therapy - BC was formed to fill a need for the newest form of true, focused, painless, non-invasive, state-of-the-art ESWT technology available for a wide variety of medical conditions.  It is our mission to:  a)  provide this care for patients in western Canada, the United States (where this generation of technology is not yet available), and to other patients in other countries around the world who do not have access to such technology, and b) provide this newest of ESWT technologies at the most reasonable price possible.

Who performs the treatments? 

Dr. Schumacher and office managers, Sheila and Susan

Shockwave Therapy - BC is unique to most ESWT centres in North America in that instead of having a technician perform the shockwave therapy, we have a doctor perform the treatment. 

Dr. S. A. Schumacher is a podiatric physician and surgeon board certified by both major certifying boards in the podiatric profession, and perhaps the most experienced practitioner in North America using piezoelectric extracorporeal shockwave therapy. 


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